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4 Telltale Signs You Need Glasses

March 3, 2021

Do you sometimes experience blurry vision? Are you wondering if you need glasses?

164 million adults in the United States use glasses. Often, though, people experience very gradual vision loss, and they might not notice it right away. 

So, what are the signs you need glasses? How do you know you need to schedule an eye exam?

We have compiled the top 4 signs you need an eye exam and could use a pair of glasses. Keep reading to discover whether or not you should call an eye doctor and get an exam on the calendar!

1. Your Vision Becomes Blurrier in the Distance

Do you ever struggle to make out the details of objects or writing in the distance? 

People with 20/20 vision have the ability to see quite clearly even when something is in the distance. If you have noticed your vision getting fuzzy when you look at something relatively far away, but objects closer to you are clearer, you are likely nearsighted. 

Optometrists equip nearsighted individuals with concave lenses, which are thicker around the edges and thinner at the center. This corrects your nearsightedness and makes your vision crisper. 

2. Your Vision Gets Blurrier Up Close

Do you see just fine in the distance but struggle to read a book or make out the details of anything up close?

If so, you might be farsighted. About 10% of adults ages 55-59 in the United States are farsighted, and your likelihood of becoming farsighted increases with age. About 20% of people aged 70 and above suffer from farsightedness and require the use of glasses.

To fix farsightedness, optometrists prescribe convex lenses. These are thicker in the center and narrower at the edges, helping the wearer see clearly up close.

3. You Suffer from Headaches

Have you recently endured more headaches than usual, without any other medical explanation?

People who need glasses sometimes experience headaches, as their eyes strain to see what lies in front of them. Usually, these headaches are accompanied by squinting a lot to make objects appear clearer. As such, take persistent headaches as one of the signs you need glasses and schedule an exam.

4. You Have Trouble Driving

Driving without glasses is very dangerous when you need them. In fact, the United States requires all drivers who wear glasses or contacts to use them while driving.

When you need glasses but don’t use them, your depth perception becomes impacted. It is more difficult to become how far the other vehicles are from you, which can result in accidents.

This becomes especially true at night.

What If You Identify with the Signs You Need Glasses?

So, are the signs you need glasses present in your life?

If you resonated with any of the symptoms listed above, you might wonder how you will go about affording your glasses. After all, most eyewear costs hundreds of dollars.

Fortunately, vision insurance reduces the amount you have to pay. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your family regain perfect sight!