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5 Important Reasons to Offer Dental and Vision Plans to Your Employees

October 8, 2018

dental and vision plans5 Reasons to Offer Dental and Vision Plans to Your Employees

Are you wondering whether the benefits of providing your employees with dental and vision plans are worthwhile?

Over 50 percent of employers in the United States provide dental insurance cover for employees. Nearly 35 percent of employers provide vision plans too.

So why do so many companies believe that providing employees with the benefits of dental and vision insurance are worth it?

Keep reading to find out about the 5 important reasons to offer your employees dental and vision plans.

1. Attract the Best People to Your Company

Nearly 50 percent of employees reported that the health benefits were one of the primary reasons why they chose to work for a company.

That means that there are probably other companies in your niche who don’t already offer vision and dental benefits.

You can really stand out from the crowd by providing potential employees with an attractive package.

2. Retention of Your Top Employees

Almost 60 percent of employees choose to stay in their current job because of the associated health benefits, such as dental and vision insurance.

If things are already going well, you can’t rest on your laurels. You need to keep showing your employees that you appreciate how hard they work.

That doesn’t only mean paying wages and treating them with respect. Sometimes, you need to go the extra mile.

3. Increased Productivity

By investing your resources in the health of your employees, you’ll receive the benefits of higher productivity.

By providing your employees with dental and vision care, you’ll benefit from your investment in your people.

Many employees simply can’t afford vision or dental care.

If your employees have a vision or dental problem that go unsolved this can reduce productivity significantly.

4. It’s Affordable for Most Employers

Since 2010, every employer has to provide employees with basic health care. Many employers complain about the expenses of health care.

Therefore, why would employers choose to offer employees even greater health benefits?

Well, vision and dental care are really affordable for employers. Unlike general health care costs, which are constantly increasing.

According to research, dental coverage costs have risen by only 4 percent in the past years. Whereas, vision coverage costs have actually dropped by 3 percent recently.

That makes dental and vision care an important benefit for your employees. Even though, it’s extremely affordable for your company.

5. The General Health of Your Employees

The general health of your employees is really important to make sure they come to the office and work hard.

By providing your employees with vision and dental health plans, you can potentially reduce the chances of other types of diseases.

For example, routine eye checks can help to identify glaucoma or diabetes before it’s too late. Many people suffer from general bad health simply because they don’t attend an annual eye check.

Dental and Vision Plans for Your Employees

Now you know the benefits of dental and vision plans for your employees, it’s time to invest in your staff today!

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