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7 Reasons Annual Eye Exams Matter

July 19, 2019

In one study, about 40% of adults said that they skipped going to the eye doctor. 

About 35% of those people said that they didn’t think they needed to get checked. 

However, getting your eyes checked each year is very important, particularly if you wear contacts and glasses. Here’s why you shouldn’t miss an eye screening.

1. Screen for Cancer

At your annual eye screening, they will be able to test and see if you have a type of eye cancer. 

When your eye doctor inspects your eyes, they will be able to see if you have any tumors in any part of your eye.

Even a common skin cancer, melanoma, can be found on the choroid part of your eye as well. If some of these cancers can be caught early, you could have a bigger chance of fighting it. 

2. Test Your Vision

Your eye doctor will also test your vision to make sure that you are able to see.

If you haven’t been to the eye doctor in a while, your vision may have gotten worse and you may not even notice it. 

This is especially important in children because they may not even realize that they can’t see. 

If your vision isn’t great, you could suffer from headaches.

3. Check for Other Diseases

In addition to checking for cancer, they can check for other diseases as well. 

Your eye doctor can check for this such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, dry eyes, or other problems. 

Glaucoma is actually a serious problem which can damage the optic nerve. High pressure in your eye will eventually cause you to lose your eyesight over time. Unfortunately, this disease doesn’t show problems until super late in the disease. 

If it’s not caught early enough, you could become blind. The only way to figure out if you have it is to go to your annual eye exam. 

4. Get New Glasses or Contacts

If you’re having problems with your vision, you may need new glasses or contacts.

If you do, then picking out some new frames can be an exciting new way to change up your look. And you can’t new glasses unless you have an updated prescription.

5. Check for Sun Damage

Even if you don’t stare directly at the sun, your eyes are still exposed to UV rays. 

If you don’t wear sunglasses as often, your eye doctor should check for possible sun exposure. Too much sun exposure can cause your eye to degenerate or get cataracts

6. Insurance Will Cover Most of the Costs

If you have insurance, going to the eye doctor also shouldn’t cost that much. Most insurances will cover your annual eye doctor appointment, and if you have a co-pay, it shouldn’t cost that much.

You get all of the benefits without having to pay too much. And you will make sure that your premiums aren’t wasted.

7. Detect Other Health Problems

In addition to finding out problems with your eyes, your doctor may notice other signs of problems.

For example, they also know how to detect if you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or even some other kinds of cancers. 

Make Your Eye Screening Appointment Today

Based on these seven reasons, making sure you have your annual eye screening is always important.

If you haven’t gone in a while, you should make an appointment today.

If you have insurance, make sure you use that as well!