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Does Insurance Cover Invisalign? This Is What You Need to Know

November 6, 2020

Are you seeking orthodontic work in the near future? It’s time to straighten that special smile so you can feel confident and keep your oral health in good condition! But can you afford it? 

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Orthodontic work is notoriously expensive. Orthodontists go to school for a long time to learn how to fix your teeth and jaws, but that means that you’re going to be paying a pretty penny to have them apply their skills to your care.

Special orthodontic options, like Invisalign, can be even more expensive. Wouldn’t it be nice if insurance helped? 

Does insurance cover Invisalign? Depending on the type of insurance and who is being covered, it might! Keep reading to learn more.

Invisalign Cost

Invisalign costs vary by the orthodontic office, the provider, the length of time required for treatment, and even the city that you live in. 

Treatment can range from about $3000 to over $7000. You’re paying for the orthodontist’s time as well as the aligners themselves. 

Diamond-level providers often offer reduced rates due to the incentives that Invisalign provides that can in turn reduce the costs for the patients. It’s still expensive, though.

If you want to make a large investment in your health, sometimes insurance will cover it, or at least a fraction of it.

Orthodontic Coverage by Percentage and Procedure

Most insurance plans that cover orthodontic work will have a set percentage or dollar amount that they’re willing to cover. 

This is often up to 50% of the overall costs. In rare cases, some orthodontic work will be covered in its entirety but this is uncommon. 

Some insurance companies are only willing to offer this percentage if the orthodontic work is considered medically necessary. This means that problems that hinder your health can be covered, but anything that’s considered “cosmetic” will not. 

This also means that this coverage may only apply to traditional braces as getting Invisalign is the more aesthetic option. 

Age Limits

Some insurance companies have age limitations for orthodontics. 

Many will cover minors for traditional braces or Invisalign. Some offer it for people up to 21 years of age. 

An adult getting Invisalign may have to fight with their insurance company, though many orthodontists are happy to try your insurance even if coverage at your age is unclear. 

Checking Ahead of Time

It’s important to look at what’s included in your benefits package before you make your Invisalign purchase. You can’t assume that something will be covered. 

Talking to an insurance agent about the benefits and packages that each plan offers can help you pick the best dental insurance plan for you and your workplace. 

Does Insurance Cover Invisalign? If You Pick the Right Plan, Yes!

Getting Invisalign covered by insurance can be tricky. Finding the right insurance company that can cover all of the orthodontic needs of your employees while also being affordable is difficult. 

Going through an insurance agency can help you navigate the different forms of coverage so you’re better able to understand what is and isn’t covered. You’ll learn all about time limits, age limits, and percentages that are covered by your chosen dental insurance.

So does insurance cover Invisalign? You decide!

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