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Eye Health: What are the main factors to consider when shopping for a pair of glasses?

August 22, 2016

ID-10021448SSArticle courtesy of Dr. Dawn Stratton for KY Forward.

Shopping for eyeglasses can be fun and frustrating at the same time. To streamline the process, I have a new business coming to Central Kentucky this summer… more to come in a future column!

In the meantime, there are two main things to consider when shopping for glasses: your face shape and coloring.

With some help from, here’s a basic guide to finding your ideal pair of glasses.

Determine your face shape. You’ll want the shape of the frame to contrast with the shape of your face. I also suggest looking for frames that are in scale with your face size.

The most common face shapes and frames that look most flattering on them:

— Heart-Shaped Faces – Aviators balance out a broader forehead with a narrower jaw line and a more pointed chin. Rimless styles keep a heart-shaped face from looking heavy on the top.

— Square-Shaped Faces – Ovals and rounded rectangles soften a strong jaw and lengthen the face. Oval faces look best when wearing top-heavy frames and butterfly shapes.

— Narrow Faces, I suggest taller frames and decorative temples. Decorative details at the temples draw attention to the sides of the face, which makes it appeal broader.

— Half-Rim and Cat-Eye Shapes look nice on those who have trapezoidal faces. Both of those shapes bring the attention up and balance out jaw lines.
Round faces tend to be balanced out with rectangular frames and contrast bridges. A contrasting bridge can make the eyes look farther apart.

Analyze your coloring. The main elements that determine the best color palate are the colors of your skin, eyes, and hair. Choose a color that compliments your features. If you want the glasses to stand out, choose ones that contrast the tone of your face and hair.

Also, keep in mind you don’t have to choose a frame color that you can wear with everything. Focus on finding a pair of glasses that reflect your personal style.

Photo courtesy of Maggie Smith.