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Healthy Morning Routine: 5 Morning Habits to Adopt

July 21, 2020
woman eating breakfast in bed

What does your current morning routine look like?

If you’re like most people, you snooze your alarm clock a few times, scroll social media, and roll out of bed a half-hour after your alarm. Maybe you get a shower, brush your teeth, and grab your coffee before you rush out the door.

Do you feel good about your routine, or do you think it could be better? 

A healthy morning routine isn’t automatic. You have to develop it and keep at it until it becomes a habit. You’ll feel better for all of the effort though.

If you want a healthier lifestyle and more peaceful mornings, read on for five healthy morning habits.

1. No More Snoozing

This can be a tough one to give up, but you’ll thank yourself later. 

It’s so tempting to get a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning, but that time is wasted when you end up in a rush to get to school, work, or your other responsibilities. 

There are a few ways to make the waking process easier. You can try a sunrise style alarm clock that will slowly light up the room. You can also try setting your alarm clock far away from you so that you have to get up to turn it off.

Bonus points if your phone is your alarm: no more mindless scrolling in bed!

2. Quick Morning Exercise

If you wake up early enough before you have to leave, try to get in a quick 10-20 minute workout in.

It can be really slow and easy if working out in the morning seems like a terrible idea. Early morning yoga is a great way to get your blood moving and work on your strength and flexibility. This will wake you up better than any fancy, sugar-filled coffee drink. 

3. Grab Some Breakfast

This one will vary by person, but generally speaking, eating something small and healthy in the morning is good for your overall health

You don’t need a full English breakfast (as a matter of fact, you should avoid those), but getting a meal with plenty of nutrients and fiber can stop you from snacking on junk food at work.  

If you’re on the go, try a green smoothie with some protein powder or hemp seeds to really make your first meal count. 

4. Drink Water

Do you think that you get enough water during the day? If you start earlier in the morning, you won’t have to guess. 

Starting your morning with water can aid your digestion, boost your brainpower, and help you hydrate after a full night of not drinking.

Do you wake up feeling a bit dried out? Don’t just fill the void with coffee. Drink water.

5. Begin Starting Your Mornings at Night

A good morning starts the night before. Make sure that you’re giving yourself enough time to sleep. It can also be helpful to lay out your clothes and necessities for the day before you go to bed. 

Set your coffee up at night with a timer and don’t leave a mess for yourself.

When you only leave yourself a few hours for sleep, or you make your morning inconvenient by not cleaning up, you’re hurting your future self! 

How’s Your Healthy Morning Routine?

If your mornings could use a bit of work, try out a few of the things from our healthy morning routine checklist. You’ll be feeling more refreshed in the morning and better able to handle your day like a champ. 

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