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Here’s Why More People Are Surviving a Heart Attack (Study)

September 9, 2016

A study found that more people are surviving heart attacks now than they were a decade ago. It appears to be connected with a new procedure that’s become standard in treating them.

The Journal of the American Medical Association released the findings of its 10-year-long heart attack study Tuesday, which examined data from 389,057 patients in 247 hospitals in England and Wales.
The key finding was a link to survival rate and a procedure known as cardiac catheterization. This speeds up the process of opening up blocked blood vessels. Doctors insert a long, thin hollow tube into a large blood vessel that leads to a patient’s heart.

During this study, researchers found that there was a drop in the number of deaths, from 11 to 5 percent. Read more here 

Article courtesy of Eyewitness News (7)