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If you want to live longer, retire late

October 14, 2016

If-You-Want-to-Live-a-Longer-Life-Retire-Late-768x371SSBEACON TRANSCRIPTWe are sorry to bring you such news, but if you want to live a longer life, retire late. Are you close to that golden age of retirement and already making plans on how you’re going to spend all that free time? Thinking about buying a van and traveling the world alone or with that special someone until you cannot remember where you came from in the first place? You might just want to think about postponing your dreams.

It appears that later retirement leads to a longer life. The common misconception would be that things are the other way around, and we would be so wrong. According to a study, in which researchers collected data on a period of 18 years from 2.956 subjects, it looks like we have to change our plans. The study has shown that healthy people who have worked until the age of 66, so one year in addition to the standard age of 65, have lowered they mortality risk by 11 percent. And it is only a minor start, because as you add more years to your work-life, the percent keeps getting bigger. This means that if you work up to the age of 72, you would lower your mortality risk by a whopping percent of 56.

But if your health is not that great, you shouldn’t worry. The same study has shown that there is a pattern, and it did apply to all the participants. The unhealthy ones themselves had a lower mortality risk, and those who continued to work up the age of 72 have lowered their mortality risk by an impressive 48 percent.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the more you remain active, the more you live. So if you want to live a longer life, retire late.

This isn’t the first study to have shown that you mustn’t throw away those uncomfortable office shoes, as others as well suggest that working more makes you enjoy life just as more. This might be because the stress level gets lower the more you continue to work. You might just enjoy work more now.

Even so, more studies and further research is necessary to fully convince us not to give up on that nine to five program that some of us dread so much.

Article courtesy of Troy G. Bennett for the Beacon Transcript.

Photo courtesy of: Beacon Transcript.