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Orthodontic Benefits: Does Dental Insurance Cover Braces?

February 19, 2019

Does Dental Insurance Cover Braces?

Having braces as a young child can help put your teeth into proper alignment. 

However, braces can also become a major financial decision! Managing the costs associated with orthodontic care for you and your children takes research to find the best insurance coverage plans out there. 

Are you curious to know the answer to “does dental insurance cover braces”? 

Here is the answer to your complicated question.

Keep reading this post to discover more about braces and the options available for you and your family with or without insurance. 

Dental insurance

The Benefits of Employer-Sponsored Dental Insurance

One solution to covering braces for you or your child is by using employer-sponsored dental insurance.

With this type of dental insurance coverage, the health care package available from your place of work is in charge of providing options for giving orthodontic solutions.

The human resources department at your workplace ought to tell you exactly what dental plan to sign up for to receive the best orthodontic treatment. 

An employer-sponsored dental insurance plan is an alternative to most major insurance plans available these days.

You may need to purchase this plan separately. Not every stand-alone plan covers braces, which is why we recommend talking with your HR department first to learn more about the benefits of adding on this type of coverage. 

Does Dental Insurance Cover Braces? If Not, Use a Discount Plan 

Another option if you are considering seeking orthodontic treatment and do not currently have a dental plan to take care of braces is a discount plan. 

A discount plan offers patients the opportunity to pay a yearly fee to purchase services at a lower price point at the doctor’s office.

The dentist will then perform the services and you will pay for the treatment with the help of a discount plan.  

Find All-Inclusive Orthodontic Coverage

Some dental plans will cover the cost of orthodontic treatments when you purchase a separate plan. You can easily visit an orthodontist under your plan who is in-network. 

Once you find an in-network orthodontist to visit, you can talk with him or her to discuss a treatment plan that includes various copayments and initial estimates for the work that needs to be done. 

Most plans will include pre-treatment exams, x-rays, study models, retention (retainers). Payment schedules will depend on the contract you have in place with your insurance coverage. 

Need Dental Insurance Now?

Hopefully, this article on our blog helps solve your complicated question of “Does dental insurance cover braces?”

There are pros and cons to each type of dental insurance. Some employer-sponsored plans are better than others when it comes to covering the cost of braces. 

Want high-quality dental care at an affordable price? Look no further. 

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