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I recommend Theresa Semple and her Semple Solutions to any company looking for a broker that throws her heart into her job. You will feel as though you are her only client. She is knowledgeable, up to date, efficient and comes through for your employees like the champion that she is. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to those considering going with a broker.

Julie M.
HR Consultant, Smartplay International, Inc.


Theresa offers exemplary service to her clients and offers the best suitable products detailed to their specific needs. She is always friendly, knowledgeable and accessible to any any questions you may have big or small.

Donna Kuchta
Vice President,Reverse Mortgage Counselor,New Business Development Amboy Bank


Theresa is a pleasure to work with and is always available… if you need her for something she is on top of it right away. She is highly knowledgeable and recommends the best plans for your particular business situation.

Dorothy (Sourlis) Whitehouse
CEO, Twofold, LLC


In today’s challenging environment of Employee Benefits, Theresa distinguishes herself as a leader and an extremely valuable resource in helping bring the best solutions to her clients.I highly reccomend Theresa for companies looking for a partner to bring the best solutions when it comes to employee benefits.

Steve Abrams
President / The Abrams Group @ North American Senior Benefits


Theresa has helped me and my business choose the appropriate Insurance plans for our needs, handled issues with insurance companies and was always availble to me & my staff to address all of our firms needs. Great find & good person!

Michael Testa, AIA
Architect/Owner at Michael V. Testa, Architect, LLC


Theresa Semple is the benefits professional who provides that extra touch and value. I met Theresa in 2010. We spent time getting to know each other and formed a deep lasting business relationship.

As a part time CFO for small and mid sized business, I have introduced Theresa to a number of my clients and business contacts. As for my clients, in this difficult benefits environment, Theresa has thought outside the box and provided value where her competition could not.

She has provided HR consulting for buisnesses at no charge, the extra value that she provides. She has been able to negotiate with medical insurers and get results when others have not.

All totaled, Theresa is the type of buisness partner that every small and mid sized business owner, HR professional, “C” level financial professional needs to meet and conduct business with.

Steven P. Schertz, CPA
Chief Financial Officer at Henegan Construction Co., Inc.


I have worked with Theresa through my previous employer and have gotten to know her quite well. She is a consummate professional and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of benefits programs. Her personable demeanor, professionalism, and knowledge are a blend that make working with her an extreme pleasure and is a relationship where you can trust her to have your best interest at heart.

Mary Ellen Smith
Marketing Communications Manager – Seneca Waterways Council, Boy Scouts of America


When you decide to start your own company, benefits administration isn’t the first thing you think of at all. As your company grows as mine did, benefits needs and administration becomes key in hiring a high-quality workforce. Theresa did an excellent job in assessing our needs and aligning services that would help us cost-efficiently invest in our workforce. She is a hidden gem for any small business!

Dan Reinhardt


The more complicated and expensive health benefits become, Theresa Semple continues to provide deep industry knowledge, consistent and reliable service, and creative solutions to navigate an often frustrating process for employers. Her attention to detail, her availability, her willingness to educate employees, and her empathetic approach to making difficult choices are outstanding.

Susan Ward
Executive Director at Carlin & Ward, P.C.


I have been doing business with Theresa for many years, and the service is unbeatable. She has always provided professional and knowledgeable advice. I would highly recommend Theresa with confidence that she would provide quality service for a company large or small.

Lana Landis
Controller at Integrated Media Solutions LLC


Theresa knows her field, and provides you with the direct, candid advice you need in order to make informed decisions regarding benefits and insurance for your company. She is an expert in the health care industry, and puts that expertise to work for you. Of key importance ot busy business owners, she will keep on top of deadlines and key dates for you. And she is a joy to work with.

Stephen Trimboli
Partner at Trimboli & Prusinowski, L.L.C.


I have known Theresa for 5 years and have had the utmost pleasure to work with her. Theresa is an extremely well educated and energetic individual who possesses a very high ethical standards which is a must in todays business market. She is an asset to anyone that she works with!

Financial Planner & Special Care Planner at Reilly Financial Group LLC


I was the President of a Boutique Institutional Broker Dealer with between 3 and 14 employees at any given time. Theresa provided Health Benefits for our employees after shopping the market and finding us the best coverage at the most reasonable rates.

Theresa spent time with our staff finding out the needs of our staff in their health areas to provide the best possible coverage for all. She is diligent and caring and meets her deadlines very efficiently.

Theresa also worked very hard after the sale in satisfying all our staffs questions and even in putting in time to help with their claims.

I would certainly do business again with Theresa without question and I would strongly recommend to others that they give Theresa an opportunity to help their Organizations as well.

Richard Bruno
Former President/ Owner of Integra Securities


Theresa has been extremely helpful thru this health insurance process time and time again. I would check off all the boxes in the attribute column. We all know how confusing and frustrating the health plans have been and Theresa has been wonderful thru the process of finding the right plan for our company and personnal needs. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with health insurance.

Bruce Wilt
Owner, Bluestone Drywall


I have known Theresa for about a year and half, and in this time frame she has been able to provide us with exceptional health benefits which have been customized to fit our business model. Her excellent work ethics are consistent, she has brought out of the box ideas with fantastic implementation, has been a great friend and colleague who brings results to the table. Never busy to take your phone call, hands on every step of the way. It is a pleasure working with such a dynamo in her profession. This is someone who I recommend very highly to all my professional colleagues. Keep up the great work you’re doing T!

Rita Rivas
EVP Marketing at Printing Methods


Finding a affordably priced health insurance package for my small company was a challenge. Theresa gathered data from numerous sources and considered every issue we had, from which doctors we used to how to best leverage deductibles and out of pocket expenses to keep our premiums in line. I couldn’t have done it with out her!

She is the best! I highly reccomend her.

Scott Blow
CEO at Holistic Solar Holdings, Inc.


I have worked with Theresa as the provider of my companies benefits as well as in many networking situations. She is one of the most reliable, knowledable and pleasant professionals I have ever worked with. She is a generious business associate and is an incredible source of information in her profession. I reccommend her very highly.

Naomi Halpern
Director of National Accounts at PromoShop


Theresa has always been great to work with. She is very organized and has provided a great service to the referrals I have given her. Theresa has also been a valuable resource for referrals. She thinks about others and that’s important.

Mark Brueche
Sales Manager at Dancker