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Wellbeing at Work: 5 Tips to Improve Employee Mental Health

November 15, 2019

An estimated one in five people will struggle with a mental health issue in their lifetime.

Odds are, someone in your office is struggling.

While you can’t fight their battles for them, you can do your part to make their lives a little easier by focusing on wellbeing at work. It takes surprisingly little effort on your part, yet can yield a major difference in productivity, happiness, and employee well-being outside of work.

Curious to learn more? Then read on as we offer five ways you can begin to focus on wellbeing at work.

1. Encourage Employees to Leave Work at Work

Understandably, employees may need to make a quick phone call or respond to an email after calling it a day. However, regular work outside of the workplace isn’t something you should encourage.

When an employee brings their work home, they often become stressed and under-rested. This can affect their mental health as well as the quality of their work.

So in essence, it doesn’t benefit anyone. Do your best to limit workplace communications to the workplace itself.

Everyone needs a break.

2. Invest in a Break Room

There’s no other way to put it, we’re more stressed than ever before — and the workplace might be to blame.

According to the American Institute of Stress, 40% of respondents claimed that their job was either very or extremely stressful. 75% of respondents also claimed that workers face more stress than they did a generation ago.

While some stress in the workplace is unavoidable, you can do your part to combat tension by allowing employees to take regular breaks.

Design a break room that inspires relaxation. Add comfortable furniture, basic refreshments, and aim to make the break room an overall relaxing space.

3. Learn About Mental Health as a Workplace

Though we’re seeing a decrease in the stigma surrounding mental health issues, misconceptions still linger. An easy way to combat these fallacies is by educating yourself and your employees.

Hire a mental health expert to come in and talk with your team about what mental health in the workplace looks like.

This is a great way to answer any questions employees may have and it opens a dialogue that might just save an employee’s life.

4. Offer Mental Health Counseling Through Your Insurer

When talking about insurance in the workplace, we often think about providers that cover things like eye exams and annual physicals. But emotional health is as important as physical health.

And yet a surprising number of insurers either don’t cover mental health issues or offer minimal assistance. When choosing an insurer, make sure you’re picking a company that supports mental health services if employees need them.

5. Encourage Group Physical Fitness

Physical fitness isn’t only a great way to build your team — it can help their mental wellbeing, too!

Studies show that exercise is an effective way to combat negative mental health triggers like stress, depression, and anxiety.

If you haven’t done so already, organize exercise events that get the workplace up and moving.

Focus on Wellbeing at Work for a Happier, More Productive Workplace

By emphasizing wellbeing at work, you’ll help the whole office. And you can expect heightened productivity and creativity as a result! So consider implementing these changes in your workplace.

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