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Group Health Insurance Made Easy.

Group health insurance is often one of the most important benefits to employees but, without careful attention in selecting the right plan, it can become a truly heavy expense for employers.

That’s why the team at Semple Solutions is dedicated to simplifying the process by helping you to understand the current medical insurance landscape, evaluate your employees’ needs, and find a set of benefit options that suit your goals and budget.

Why Offer Group Health Insurance Benefits to Your Employees

Now, more than ever employees value their personal health and wellbeing and are excited to work for companies and organizations that place value on those things as well. Offering a group health insurance plan allows you to magnetize and retain top talent while letting current employees know that they matter to you.

It’s also important to note that, depending on the size of the company, some employers must offer a health insurance plan or risk paying a fine under the Affordable Care Act. That’s why it’s vital to understand your company’s legal coverage requirements and the options available to you to meet those requirements.

Selecting The Right Group Health Insurance Options for Your Company

The Semple Solutions team is here to help you select the right health insurance benefits plan. As group insurance plan experts, we understand how to help you establish and maintain the right coverage options for your employees even as rates continue to increase. We’re here for you as you work to protect your company’s greatest assets, your employees.

Our team is dedicated to helping you to comply with federal and state laws that impact the coverage options you must provide to employees and understand that this can often be an expensive endeavor.

That’s why we work with a variety of leading insurance carriers as we select options that meet these requirements. The result is a process that provides you with group insurance rates that are not just competitive but also aligned with your goals and budget.

Make Group Health Insurance Simple

If you’d like some help in navigating the group health insurance landscape as you provide coverage to your employees, we’d love to help. You can contact us here today to learn more or get started.

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