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Supplemental Benefits Plans That Make Life Simpler

Semple Solutions offers our clients support with supplemental benefits plans.

These plans provide income protection against expenses that are not covered by major medical insurance policies.

At Semple Solutions, we are here to help you understand the value of these plans and the variety of plans you have to choose from so you can confidently choose the supplemental benefits plans that are right for you and your employees.

The Variety and Value of Supplemental Benefits Plans

When it comes to benefits plans, there are many options to choose from.

Hospital Care Plans: provide funding for when your employees find themselves in the hospital and faced with a deductible or coinsurance payment.

Critical Care Plans: provide a similar type of support but may also provide funding for helpful services like transportation related to hospital visits.

Accident Plans: cover a percentage of the cost related to an ER visit after an accident.

Ancillary Plans: cover services like dental and vision. There are plans that provide for simple preventative care in these areas and more comprehensive plans that cover a greater variety of employee health needs.

When it comes to each of these plans, there are often a variety of options and you’ll select the one that best suits your employees’ needs and the budget for the benefits package you want to create. The result is a benefits package that your employees and their families appreciate.

How Semple Solutions Makes Offering Benefits Simple

At Semple Solutions we’re here to help make benefits simple for you and your employees. So, we’ve created an effective process for supporting you as you choose the best supplemental plan or package.

Our Semple Solutions team will meet with your employees to get a sense of what they want and need. We’ll also discover the concerns they have for themselves and their families.

Then we meet with you to discuss strategies, potential plans, and next steps so you stay informed not only about the needs of your employees but the process of supporting those needs through supplemental benefits.

Yes. It’s really that simple, and you can get started today!

Why Employers Choose To Offer Supplemental Benefits To Their Employees

There are several benefits to offering these benefits and many employers find that the best benefit is the appreciation of their employees.

Aside from that appreciation, it’s important to note that your employees can choose to take these benefits with them if they leave.

These benefits are also set up as a group product so you benefit from group rates that are typically lower than individual benefits rates.

Finally, it does not cost you anything as an employer to set up these accounts and your employees can pay for these benefits through their payroll deductions making the process truly seamless.

Contact Us To Learn More About Supplemental Benefits Plans With Semple Solutions

We’d love to help you support your employees with benefits plans. To discover how we can make the process of providing these valuable benefits to your employees contact us here.

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