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More than 4 million people left their jobs in January of 2022, which employers call ‘The Great Resignation.’ Could employees be looking for better benefits? People are constantly searching for better perks, including medical insurance, life insurance, and vision and dental insurance.

Offering great medical insurance keeps top talent. It also creates a healthier workforce and costs employers less over the longer term. Benefits from a vision and dental insurance provider show seriousness about the health and wellness of workers.

Here are a few reasons employers should have a vision and dental insurance provider for their employees.

Keep Top Talent

A recent survey found that 90-percent of employees believe health insurance is a critical employer benefit. Many employers use vision and dental insurance to attract and retain qualified employees.

Keeping top talent in the workforce comes with many benefits, including higher productivity, more growth, and higher profits. Less employee turnover means employers spend less time training new employees. Tenured staff retains institutional knowledge.

Nevertheless, you will also build a reputation as a trusted employer. People will want to work for you.

Healthy Workforce

The best medical insurance creates a healthy workforce. Vision insurance covers eye exams. It also saves employees money on contacts and eyeglasses.

Dental insurance covers cleanings and routine visits. Employees will also get help with crowns and fillings.

Better vision means employees won’t struggle with reading computer screens or reports. Your workers will also be comfortable on the job with the proper eyewear and glasses.

Imagine the satisfaction of your employees who can repair their cracked or chipped teeth. Workers will arrive on the job with confidence. Employees will walk around all day long, not afraid to smile.

Offering life insurance gives employees peace of mind. It’s much the same with long-term disability insurance and short-term disability insurance.

Lower Costs

Having a healthy staff means lower overall dental and vision costs. More check-ups mean fewer surgeries and procedures.

Periodontal disease damages teeth and could ruin the bones in your mouth. When you keep on top of these problems, it lowers costs over time. Routine cleanings also keep tabs on cavities, which is important for your dental health.

Over time, vision exams document your eye health. An eye doctor will catch problems with cataracts or macular degeneration. As your eyes deteriorate over time, a good doctor will ensure your prescription is up to date.

Benefits of a Vision and Dental Insurance Provider

Benefits from a vision and dental insurance provider help keep and attract top talent for your business. Over time, you also foster a healthy workforce and lower long-term healthcare costs.

Join the ranks of millions of employers who provide significant benefits to their employees!

Contact us today for help with getting vision and dental health to your employees. We can help you to find the right package for you at a price that works for your budget. Enjoy the benefits of a healthy workforce that keeps top talent!

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